David Shepheard

Vancouver Film Commissioner

Meg O’Shea

Green Economy Community Coordinator

Sandy Song

Business Development Officer - Asia

Courtney Crichton

Research & Engagement Strategist

Cathy Williams

Executive Assistant to CEO

Juvarya Veltkamp

Manager, Green Economy Initiatives

Pietra Basilij

Sustainable Community Development

Lily Chen

Coordinator, Asia Pacific Centre

James Raymond

Manager, Research & Analysis

Nancy Mott Basi

Executive Director, Vancouver Film and Media Centre

Claire Campbell

Coordinator, Marketing & Branding

Eric Unmacht

Manager, Communications & Strategy

Katrina Purcell

Manager, Marketing & Events

John McPherson

Sector Development Manager, Cleantech

Sean Elbe

Sector Development Manager, Technology

Ingrid Valou

Communications Specialist

Tania Parisella

Director, Marketing & Research

Bryan Buggey

Director, Strategic Initiatives & Sector Development

Joan Elangovan

Director, Asia Pacific Centre

Ian G. McKay


Ian Gerard McKay was appointed CEO of the Vancouver Economic Commission in September 2013. Prior to this appointment, Ian served as the National Director for the Liberal Party of Canada. A native of Penticton, British Columbia, he has led a distinguished career as an executive in international financial markets, as well as a political advisor to federal cabinet ministers.

Ian’s career in the financial markets began in 1987 in New York when he was recruited out of UBC by Euro Brokers International Inc. From there, he went to Japan as Managing Director of Euro Brokers Tokyo. In 1998, Ian was seconded to London, England as Joint Managing Director of Euro Brokers London. Between 2006 and 2009, Ian worked for ICAP Capital Markets Inc. as the Director of Business Development (Canada).

From 2001-2005, Ian served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Industry under Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Ian studied Political Science and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, and holds a Master’s of Business Administration Degree from Queen’s University.