Vancouver’s industrial lands and communities face increasing pressures on several fronts: a shrinking supply and rising costs underscore the need to revisit building codes and zoning bylaws, amend them to reflect the changing nature of industries, and to identify underutilised spaces in light of today’s changing economic landscape.

As part of our continued work in better understanding and serving these communities, the Vancouver Economic Commission is conducting research on industrial operations in Vancouver. This survey of businesses with industrial operations will help us understand industrial trends, challenges, opportunities, space needs, and economic, social and environmental impacts.


Why are we conducting this research?

In recent years, we have noticed several challenges facing the industrial businesses we work with. Common struggles include:

  • finding appropriate and affordable operating space,
  • dedicating resources to R&D and improving operational efficiency,
  • addressing new social and environmental imperatives, and
  • meeting the needs of increasingly in-demand employees.

This research will be used to help us understand the scale and scope of industrial challenges so we can better address them.


What types of information are we collecting?


General Business Information
Which businesses are operating in our industrial districts and what do their operations look like?


Challenges, Opportunities and Trends
How are industries changing in Vancouver and what new challenges and opportunities do these changes present?


Space and Location Information
What types of industrial spaces are in greatest demand in Vancouver, and what are the barriers to industrial development?


Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts
What do industrial businesses contribute to the economic, social, and environmental health of the city?


How will this information be used?

Identify Economic Development Priorities
Inform business development programs, as well as social and environmental impact programs

Inform Industrial Concierge Service
Identify industrial sites and spaces that are underutilized and can be opened up for startups

Inform Policy and Planning Initiatives
Advocate for changes to industrial zoning and land use policy to ensure we can meet industrial space needs of the future

Represent the Interests of Industrial Businesses
Guide the development of industrial affordability initiatives, training and reskilling programs, and academic partnerships

Bridge Communications Gaps
Convene developers, policy makers, real estate brokers, service providers and the business community around shared objectives

Identify and Support Industrial Leaders
Help create connected and sustainable industrial districts that support entrepreneurship and innovation


Take the Survey

Have Your Say in the Trajectory of Vancouver’s Industrial Future
If you’re a founder of a Vancouver-based industrial business, please take 15 minutes to complete the short survey and help us better understand the challenges and opportunities your business is facing.




This research is made possible by the support of our partners.
Vancouver Economic Commission with Community Partners: Strathcona Business Improvement Association, Hastings North Business Improvement Association (also goes by East Village); BC Alliance for Manufacturing; Real Estate Foundation of BC; City of Vancouver;; Urban Logiq