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Related Documents

City of Vancouver – GDDP Council Report
Preview: Providing controlled access to municipal-owned infrastructure and assets will assist local companies to demonstrate their technologies or do proof-of-concept trials as a stepping stone to commercialization, leading to growth in green and digital-tech jobs. VEC will lead this program and a City of Vancouver oversight committee will help provide better opportunities for local green and digital businesses.

VEC – Funding for CleanTech and GDDP Companies – 2015
Preview: A comprehensive outline of federal, provincial, and municipal funding programs that are available for CleanTech companies and GDDP participants. 

VEC – Renewable Energy Challenge Outcomes Report – 2016
Preview: Finding transportation, building and district energy solutions for a 100 percent renewable energy future 

Zero Emissions Building Plan
Preview: This Plan lays out four action strategies to require the majority of new buildings in Vancouver to have no operational greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and that all new buildings have no greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 

Renewable City Strategy Summary
Preview: Our city has what it takes to successfully get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050. Summary. Full Report.


Special note regarding materials and consumables

If a GDDP project involves the supply of something of the same class as, or serving as a replacement for, something the City already uses under an existing supply contract, the GDDP supply shall represent no more than one percent of the City’s total usage so it does not adversely impact the City’s existing vendors and legal contracts.