Environmental Activist David-Wells Will Keynote GLOBE 2020 - Image Source: Globe Forum

Environmental Activist David-Wells Will Keynote GLOBE 2020

With climate change threatening to engulf the earth, there has never been a more critical time for our global community to come together in defense of an uncertain future.

At GLOBE 2020 (taking place February 10-13 at the Vancouver Convention Centre), thousands of corporate leaders, all levels of government, NGOs, technology innovators and strategic investors will convene to identify climate solutions, act on clean economy opportunities and seek inspiration from environmental trailblazers like David Wallace-Wells, whose keynote promises to shake up the status quo, drastically shift perspectives and spark the urgency required to make radical change.

Achieving worldwide recognition for his powerful 2017 essay about the climate crisis, which was published in New York magazine and instantly went viral, Wallace-Wells predicts a hopelessly bleak future marked by unbearable heat, economic collapse, destructive resource competition and a tortuous existence – as he chillingly puts it, “…absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will likely become close to uninhabitable, and other parts horrifically inhospitable, as soon as the end of this century.” Following the essay’s publication, Wallace-Wells went on to expand his ideas in The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, an ominous tome that lays out in excruciating detail the horrors that face us if we don’t halt and reverse climate change immediately.

In addition to Wallace-Wells keynote, which promises to be just as stirring as his writing, GLOBE 2020 attendees will be treated to talks by environmental leaders such as Megan Leslie, CEO of WWF Canada; Neil Gerber, director of New Energy and Blockchain at IBM; Lasse Gustavsson, president and CEO of Ocean Wise, among others. Five overarching themes will be discussed: climate crisis, sustainability as strategy, energy transformation, circular economy and mobilizing capital (review the full schedule here).

GLOBE attendees are also encouraged to attend GLOBE Advance (February 13), a half-day event that gathers the entire GLOBE community to develop a collective vision and action plan around the transition to a clean economy. In addition to reading Wallace-Wells’ article, you can prepare for GLOBE 2020 by reviewing the City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Response report here. To learn more about how you can participate in the most important GLOBE event to date, click here.


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