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Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise capital in the next six months to scale your business?

Brought to you by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) in partnership with Discovery Foundation, the Capital Mentorship Program will test your investor readiness through a combination of workshops, seminars, mentor-driven education, and peer support. Successful applicants will leave this program better prepared for the fundraising process, and in a stronger position to access deal flow events in Vancouver and elsewhere.


Learn to perfect your pitch and seal the deal

This free ten-week program will sharpen your pitch in preparation for raising the investment capital you need to scale your business. Up to six of the top-performing startups in this cohort will be invited to participate in a technology showcase after the program to put their new knowledge to the test in an investor pitch session.

Benefits | The Capital Mentorship Program prepares entrepreneurs by helping to:

  • »Sharpen your pitch
  • »Incorporate expert feedback
  • »Revisit funding fundamentals
  • »Craft a compelling story for your brand
  • »Visualize your ideal investor
  • »Plan your exit strategy

New this year: Startups undergoing the program may be matched with investors for additional mentorship opportunities.


How the Capital Mentorship Program Works

Discovery Foundation’s Capital Mentorship Program comprises of two parts:

Part One

MasterMind Capital
September 11 – November 13, Wednesdays from 9:00AM – 11:00AM
MasterMind Capital is a deep dive into the process of raising capital, giving entrepreneurs the training, tools, and knowledge to raise the right money at the right time. Entrepreneurs will undergo 10 two-to-three-hour MasterMind sessions, each aimed at addressing some of the burning issues entrepreneurs experience as they prepare to raise a round.

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Part Two

VEC Investment Showcase
Date to be confirmed
Startups demonstrating exceptional investor readiness will be invited to pitch in front of 25 investors at the VEC Investment Showcase. The investment showcase is an opportunity for the cohort’s top-performing startups to raise capital investment from some of Vancouver’s top investors.

Coming Soon

MasterMind Capital will be facilitated by Spring – one of the region’s foremost leaders in developing an impactful entrepreneurship ecosystem – and powered by Discovery Foundation and the Vancouver Economic Commission. Keith Ippel and Vivian McCormick will lead the sessions, with additional guests joining throughout the program to lend industry expertise to the topics of the day. Learn more about the program instructors.


MasterMind Capital Course Modules

Applicants will find value in the changes to this year’s MasterMind: Capital curriculum – we have introduced new topics, a more flexible schedule and greater networking and mentorship opportunities to benefit busy entrepreneurs. Sessions are two hours long and run once a week on Wednesdays from September 11, 2019 to November 11, 2019. See the full 2019 schedule.

1. Funding Fundamentals
Having a process framework sets you up for success when working with investors to raise capital for your company.

Outcome: Foundation for the capital raising process and goal-setting guidance for your first round.

2. Positioning for Success
A strong positioning statement for your venture is the first step to crafting a story that resonates with investors.

Outcome: Investor-framed positioning statement.

3. Tales from the Other Side
What is raising a round really like? Equip yourself for diverse situations by hearing stories from varying perspectives.

Outcome: Hear from an angel investor, a venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur who has successfully closed a round.

4. Finding Your Ideal Investor
Pitching at every event to every potential investor is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out long before you close your round. The key is to focus on your ideal investors.

Outcome: Develop your ideal investor profile and an understanding of how to track progress with investors.

5. Metrics & Alternative Returns
There are two things almost every investor focuses on when evaluating companies – performance metrics and their potential return on investment. What metrics should you focus on, and what happens when your business falls outside of the typical venture scale model?

Outcome: Broad overview of various performance metrics and alternative returns you can propose to investors.

6. Exit Strategies
What’s next after a seed round? This is something you need to be thinking about before you even close your first raise.

Outcome: Provide context to your seed-stage raise by knowing how you will exit.

7. Pitch Workshop
What’s next after a seed round? This is something you need to be thinking about before you even close your first raise.

Outcome: Essentials of a strong pitch.

8. Pitch Practice
Pitching is an exercise in continuous improvement. Practice in front of panelists ready to give feedback.

Outcome: Increased confidence in running through your pitch.

9. Entrepreneur’s Toolkit & Due Diligence
Preparation for due diligence is crucial and often falls by the wayside. A strong grasp for key legal and accounting practices will save you time and headaches in the long run.

Outcome: Basics of legal and accounting practices to follow for less friction during due diligence.

10. Investor Relations and Negotiating to a Close
Getting your investors to seal the deal and put money in the bank takes longer than you think it will. Learn how to communicate urgency & speed up the cheque-writing process.

Outcome: Tools and tips for closing your round.

Part Two: VEC Investment Showcase
Details on our annual Investment Showcase will be released in the coming months.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2019 Capital Mentorship Program are now open. This program is offered free of charge to successful applicants.

VEC warmly encourages founders who are women, Indigenous, and/or new to Canada to apply to this program. Please note that the program will admit up to 25 businesses with a product or service focus in one or any combination of the following categories: Impact, Digital Media & Entertainment, Green Buildings, Health and Life Sciences, Fintech, and/or Cleantech.

10 sessions, once a week on Wednesdays from 9:00AM – 11:00AM.
**FINAL** Intake deadline: 11:59 p.m. September 2, 2019
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The Discovery Foundation Capital Mentorship Program is brought to you by the Vancouver Economic Commission in Partnership with the Discovery Foundation.