Our Commitment

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, the pandemic – along with health measures necessary to combat its spread – has caused a significant slowdown, and in some cases a complete halt, in economic activity. We acknowledge this is something that will affect us all in the coming weeks and years, and that these shocks to our economy hit our most vulnerable populations and local businesses hard.

In this context, the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) continues to work on improving the resilience of Vancouver’s diverse, low-carbon economy by making the following efforts:

  1. Sharing relevant information and resources with the business community on our website.
  2. Reaching out to strategic partners and building strong alliances to collaborate on better understanding the impacts, advocating for mitigations and ultimately working together to develop a Vancouver-centric economic recovery strategy.
  3. Advising, supporting and amplifying the work done by local businesses, industry associations and industries on economic response and recovery.

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How We’re Helping

Every day, our staff collect data, monitor developments in our key sectors, and coordinate industry responses and recommendations in preparation for the long road to economic recovery. We share this information in aggregate and gain additional research and insights with numerous industry task forces, which vary in size, sector and mission.

Our work feeds into the work done by numerous other government organizations, trade and labour associations, peer economic development agencies, business improvement associations and small businesses.

By Local Sectors

A non-exhaustive snapshot of some of industries we’re staying close to:

Creative Industries
Restaurants, Food & Beverages
Tourism & Hospitality
Building & Construction

By Focus and Goals

Public safety is paramount. While keeping this in mind, we are balancing numerous other objectives and goals related to the pandemic and public health measures:

  • Business & Economic Reliefs
  • Economic Recovery Roadmap
  • Digitizing Essential Services
  • Amplifying Emergency Procurement Calls
  • Data, Research and Survey Analysis
  • Connecting Government to Business Community
  • Coordinated Ecosystem Response

We’re here to help in whatever way we can

We have worked with the City of Vancouver and other industry associations to deliver numerous economic relief requests to senior levels of government. We know that many other business and labour associations, government departments, community hubs and independent experts are working behind the scenes to bring you resources and relief as well.

The best route to economic recovery is to weather the initial shock and ensure our communities are healthy. Please keep yourself, your families and your personal and work communities safe.

On March 18, the BC business community announced the creation of the COVID-19 Cabinet, a coalition comprised of trade, industry and labour associations. The coalition’s function is to address the pandemic’s significant impacts on our economy in this unprecedented time, and to support BC businesses and workers.

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) looks forward to working in close collaboration with all coalition members as we look to mitigate immediate and forthcoming impacts of COVID-19 and strategically plan for recovery.

Learn More about the Cabinet

What this means for VEC events, workshops and office operations

  • We have cancelled all events held at our space in the immediate future (e.g. through to June 1, 2020)
  • To protect our team and our community, the VEC office has implemented remote working practices. Consequently, we cannot confirm the receipt of packages delivered to our office address. Those needing to send mail should advise us of the details via info@vancouvereconomic.com.
  • We are considering our calendar of upcoming workshops and events, and have begun to transition to e-learning options and online courses. We will update future guests and attendees on a case-by-case basis.
  • VEC has instituted a moratorium on corporate travel, leading to the cancellation of all international business events and engagements.