GDDP Participants

GDDP Projects: Complete, Ongoing, Launching and in Development

Innovator Product Description Status Asset/Department Media & Case Studies
TSO Logic
Data centre energy management software Completed It Department
Natural probiotic product for odour reduction Completed Carnegie Center
Portable Electric
Volt-Tech batteries generator Completed Canada 150 Event
Staff booking tool that automates shift scheduling (using SMS) Completed City Staff
Air quality monitoring equipment Completed Works Yard
  • Coming soon
Nano-Lit Technologies
Quantum-dot LED lighting product Ongoing City Building
Air quality monitor for HVAC systems Ongoing City Hall
Enclosed electric enabled bicycle Ongoing City Staff
Smart Share
IoT smart parking analytics Launching Soon City Streets
  • Coming soon
Hyperlight Systems
IoT fulness sensors for waste bins Launching Soon Engineering
  • Coming soon
E-scooter share system that incorporates telematics functionality Launching Soon City Staff
Thompson Power
Energy efficiency controls for vehicles Under Development Asset transfer (to BCIT)
  • Coming soon

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