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The Film & Media Centre (FMC) and the Vancouver Film Commission (VFC) are operational departments of the Vancouver Economic Commission.

They work together to deliver on three core mandates: to strengthen Vancouver’s position as a global leader in the media entertainment industry by marketing the city and its attributes; to advocate to all levels of government on key issues related to growing the industry; and to attract future investment to the entire spectrum of companies that constitute this industry. They do this by building upon the necessary four pillars of investment, promotion, advocacy and talent.


About the Film & Media Centre

Leveraging the ongoing convergence of film, visual effects, animation, games and technology requires new monetization models. FMC therefore facilitates a collegial exploration of a new business playbook by convening Vancouver’s content creators and platform developers in these pioneering industries. The famously collaborative nature of Vancouver’s film & media industries has earned it a growing reputation as the city-wide studio.

Other key objectives are to develop and implement a strategy to strengthen the Digital Entertainment & Interactive (DE&I) industries to drive digital entertainment finance, cultivate locally-owned intellectual property and accrue local economic benefits including local employment, investment, innovation and raising the profile of Vancouver. This encompasses the industry’s entire supply chain and ecosystem, including education, small-business and professional services, VFX, animation, augmented reality, virtual reality and video games.




The Vancouver Film & Media Centre strives to realise the true potential of this key economic sector through advocacy, investment and promotion. It works to position Vancouver as the premier place to attract production, talent and capital and serves as a place for content creators and platform developers across all of it sectors to convene.

Promotion & Marketing

  • World-Class Production Centre
  • Destination for Global Talent
  • National & International Markets
  • Innovative and Sustainable Industry

Investment Attraction

  • IP Creation & Retention
  • Infrastructure
  • Distribution & Publishing
  • Attract Private Capital Investment

Industry Advocacy

  • Industry Incentives
  • Immigration Policy
  • Consult & Represent Industry
  • Shape Policy & Regulations

Gateway to the Asia Pacific

  • Seek Foreign Markets
  • Leverage Asia-Pacific Centre
  • Grow International Trade
  • Promote Export


Nancy Mott Basi

Nancy is an industry veteran with 20+ years' experience in production, animation & VFX.

As Executive Director of the Film and Media Centre, Nancy works strategically to grow the screen-based industry for the City of Vancouver. Included in her portfolio are film, television, visual effects and animation, games and interactive entertainment. Additionally, Nancy promotes the City of Vancouver as a world-class destination for business opportunities and a city where industry talent can thrive in the screen-based entertainment sector. Her 20 years in the Film & TV industry, features extensive experience in business development in film production, visual effects and animation.

“As we continue to look through the economic development lens, its clear that Vancouver is uniquely positioned for the future. We will identify the opportunities both locally and globally, encourage investment and promote the best of what Vancouver has to offer.”


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