VFX and Animation - Professional animator working at this deck with a tablet and lots of character sketches

VFX & Animation

The word is out that Vancouver is the place to be for VFX & Animation

The Digital Entertainment & Interactive (DE&I) industry includes the booming Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation sector. From the world’s first CG TV series on ABC to a succession of recent major animated feature films and highly rated television series, Vancouver has established itself as a truly world-leading centre of VFX & animation talent and technology.

Why do VFX & Animation Studios Choose Vancouver?

  • Impressive and ever-increasing concentration of companies and talent, matched by first-rate infrastructure
  • Collaborative and close-knit environment, naturally fostered by the city’s compact design
  • Proximity to major industry hubs in the US, including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Seattle
  • Business-friendly climate, tax incentives and outstanding quality of life

In Vancouver, over 60 studios make up the VFX and Animation industry, making it the world’s largest cluster of domestic and foreign-owned studios. The industry has a long track record of producing cutting edge animated content ranging from award-winning shorts to internationally renowned series and feature films.

Key Stats

From Classroom to Studio

The industry is also well-supported through education and training programs for artists, software engineers, and other technical-related professionals. They include:


Major Tax Incentives for VFX & Animation (not exclusive)

Federal, provincial & municipal governments provide strong support & incentives to tech businesses operating in Vancouver

  • British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit
    Offers Canadian, or international film and TV production companies with a permanent establishment in BC, a 28% refundable tax credit on eligible labour costs.
  • Film Incentive BC Tax Credit
    A labour-based tax incentive offering a refundable tax credit of 35% to Canadian-controlled production companies.
  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
    Offers a credit of 25% of qualified labour to Canadian-controlled production companies provided by the Government of Canada, with a credit of 16% of qualified labour costs to Canadian- controlled production companies and those with a permanent establishment in Canada.
  • BC Digital Animation or Visual Effects (DAVE)
    Provides a tax credit of 16% on qualifying labour costs to production companies employing BC talent for post-production and sound.
  • The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)
    program, a federal tax incentive encouraging R&D in Canada. Qualifying non-Canadian companies can receive tax credits of 15% of qualified expenditures, while Canadian companies receive enhanced credits. Qualifying Canadian and non-Canadian corporations conducting R&D in BC can also benefit from a 10% provincial tax credit.
  • British Columbia Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit Taxable Canadian corporations with permanent establishments in British Columbia, in the business of developing interactive digital media products may be eligible for a refundable 17.5% tax credit on qualified labour costs.